VectorSave™25 FixedWing landing parachute system has unlimited reloads. It has pat.pending new technology to enable lightest available design. All you need to do is push piston back down and you are set for next launch. At 125 gramm weight this is likely to be the lightest all in LAUNCHER for up to 2,4 square meter parachute. Its state-of-art electronics is set to detect PWM pulse (servo signal) to deploy the parachute. It is best suited for 3 to 4 kg UAV system weight. Recommended landing process requires you to bring UAV to the landing site turn off your motor and stall the plane above wanted landing area. When you have nose up before stall you just activate your parachute channel and you will make vertical landing where you wanted.

VectorSave™25 FixedWing landing system - 2,0sqm

469,00 €Price
  • VectorSave™25 system - 2,0sqm package content:

    - VectorSave™25 launch reloadable launch tube with built in PWM trigger, weight 125 grams
    - 2,0 sqm parachute, weight 90 grams
    - short Fixed Wing harness (430kg tension breakpoint string)

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