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VectorSave™10 Mavic 2 parachute system is a 85g total safety solution for DJI Mavic helicopters. The system has easy back-pack clip connection top of the frame. It can be mounted or removed in seconds. It does NOT require any modification to your DJI Mavic so your warranty is not voided.
VectorSave™ Mavic is by far the best insurance for your drone and any valuable property around the area you will be operating your drone.


- If your battery fails props will stop and cause parachute to deploy.

- Pilot can initiate emergency stop to deploy parachute.

- Not sensitive for unbalanced props.

- Suitable for Mavic 2, Mavic pro and platinum versions

VectorSave™10 Mavic 2, pro and platinum

395,00 €Price
  • VectorSave™ Mavic 2 parachute system all-in-one solution. The launch tube holding the parachute has built-in sensor and power. It will detect extreme angle and free fall deploying the parachute on those conditions. Tube can be reloaded unlimited times.Parachute is packed inside the tube and parachute shock cord is connected to simple harness.

    Once you are ready to take off you will arm your parachute
    sytem by pressing the buttom on VectorSave™
    unit. Blue light will start to blink to indicate your parachute
    is armed. One you land back you need to press same
    button again to disarm parachute system - arming
    indicator light is now solid green and system will power off in 20s if it is not re-armed.

    system weight: 75g
    parachute size: 0.8m2
    launch conditions:
    - angle
    - free fall
    charge and firmware update connector: micro USB
    shock cord strength: 420 kg

    In the package you will receive everything you need to set system up on DJI Mavic 2.

    VectorSave™ is the most compact and reliable rescue system in the market offering you a minimum penalty to your flight time.

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