SaveSense™ trigger with RadioSave™ is a long range radio trigger using latest digital technology. RadioSave™ remote is you manual switch for parachute deployment that works up to 7 km distance in open air.
SaveSense™ has additional angle and free fall detection for automated deployment. Parachute deployment conditions are configurable. We also drive VectorSave™ launchers directly or servo/ PWM triggers thru PWM or logical connector port.

SaveSense™ trigger with RadioSave™

279,00 €Price
  • SaveSense™ trigger with RadioSave™ features

    - SaveSense™ rx weighs 12 g
    - Operating voltage 3,8- 8,4 V (1S or 2S LiPo)
    - Operating distance up to 10 km (in optimal conditions)
    - Configurable false angle detection
    - Free fall detection
    - PWM pulse/ heatbeat detection

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